You’ve given so much to protect our country; isn’t it time someone supports you when you need it most?


U.S. Veteran Care Services - the leading provider of non-medical home care for veterans and their spouses.

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"The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude."

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Veterans Deserve All The Support They Can Get. We’ll Make Sure You’re Not Alone.

Our mission is to successfully support Veterans and their surviving spouses in obtaining the benefits they deserve, so they can receive the quality home care services they need to stay in their homes.

U.S. Veteran Care Services provides the easy process of filling out paperwork and finding which services Veterans qualify for. We have the extensive home care network required to find the local answer to their needs. We take care of everything from the initial onboarding to qualification and follow up during the review period to provide assistance if needed and work to maintain compliance so that you continue to qualify for the benefits you deserve!

How It All Started

U.S. Veteran Care Services is affiliated with government-contracted Veteran Admin Services LLC and the nationally operated organization Veteran Service Group (VSG).

Veteran Service Group was all started when a Senior Care Manager and his wife, whom are both Veterans, saw how many of their fellow veterans were getting denied the services that they deserved.  They saw how many Veterans could not get the adequate funding to help with their care. Why, because the VA maze is difficult to navigate.  


After numerous calls to VA they found that another Vet whom they served with was now in the Veteran Care System. With this new found information, the husband and wife team were able to learn how the system works and to get in direct contact with each and every service a Veteran could use and/or need.  


Veteran Service Group was designed with one purpose in mind:  HELP EVERY VETERAN and SPOUSES/SURVIVING SPOUSES receive the services they deserve without any hassle of VA or constant denials. 

Why U.S. Veteran Care Services

We Offer Quality Service, No Strings Attached.


The process of obtaining the right care is so confusing and overwhelming that every year thousands of Veterans do not receive the quality home care services they’re entitled to. Veterans and their families often complain about the challenges they encounter navigating the VA and the exorbitantly long time it takes. 


The Veterans who manage to seek guidance from the VA are often faced with a myriad of confusing paperwork, unclear instructions for the application process, and limited information of how the services they’re applying for (if they even know what they should be applying for) are going to help them long-term. We understand the many obstacles between Veterans and the care they’re entitled to, and we strive to help them find support. We are here to help. U.S. Veteran Care Services will guide Veterans and their families to get the benefits they need and deserve with zero costs to them and no strings attached. 

Our Team

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